Welcome to Beez!

Beez is an open-source software project that aims to help beekeepers with different tasks.

Beez is in its alpha stage which means things constantly change. New features are added while others may disappear. Data loss is also a possibility.


  • Manage a number of apiaries and hives.
  • Weather forecast for an apiary's location.
  • Show your apiary on a map and track what area your bees can cover.
  • Create inspections for your hives and collect data.
  • Print out QR codes and stick them to your hives for quick access on mobile phones.
  • A browsable, Swagger/OpenAPI documented, RESTful API.

Possible future features

  • Weather alerts.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Beekeeping related alerts like missed Varroa treatments or harvest reminders.
  • A native phone app.
If you'd like to see a feature, let us know on the project's GitLab issues page.

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